Food Intolerance

Modern lifestyle and eating habits mean that frequent amounts of common allergens are included in the diet. This can impair the digestion and irritate the gut lining leading to a range of food intolerances. There are many common symptoms of food sensitivity and they can be related to joint pain, weight gain, migraines, depression, IBS etc. It is important to identify and remove food intolerances so as to enhance metabolism, remove toxins, reduce inflammation, balance hormones and improve digestion and absorption. Stress, a deficiency of vitamins and minerals and an imbalance of intestinal micro-flora can also add to this toxic overload, giving rise to many health problems.

Food intolerance: is quite common and is a digestive system response where food irritates the gut lining or when food is unable to be properly digested or broken down. Although the symptoms are not always instant and are not life threatening food intolerance can affect many different areas such as respiratory, neurological, dermalogical, reproductive, immune, gastro-intestinal and can cause a general feeling of ill-health and fatigue. The offending foods can usually be reintroduced after a few months. Food allergy: is quite uncommon and normally causes rapid response symptoms on eating the offending food. It is an immune system response and can be very severe and even life threatening. The offending foods usually cannot be reintroduced.

Extract from Allergy UK - The Food Allergy and Food Intolerance Report 2007
"It is generally accepted that 2% of the population suffer from IgE mediated food allergy and anything from up to 45% suffer from food intolerance. In our survey of 5,200 people it emerged that 59% of the people responding reported regarding themselves as having a food intolerance and 41% considered that they had a classical food allergy. Sadly what emerges from this survey is that sufferers generally feel that their G.P's lack understanding of their problems and are inclined to dismiss their symptoms as psychological and not food related."
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