A few written extracts from clients

(These letters and many more are on file)

"Since seeing you, I have lost 2 stone but more importantly I feel so well and have more energy."

"Lost 1 stone in weight " energized " people comment on how healthy I look"

"I would recommend Diane to anyone"

"stomach pains have gone away after many years"

"I am so pleased with the changes and feel fantastic. I am staggered by the change in myself"

"I had to write to say thank you for sorting my problems out. I wish I had known about you years ago"

"".weight loss without effort""

"This was more than useful, I feel 100% better than when I started"

"The improvements to health have been dramatic and very pleasing"

"My Dr. was impressed is putting it mildly (staggered, astonished, amazed , take your pick) at the improvements in such a short time"

"have lost nearly two stone "I have never felt better"

""cholesterol at a all time low, which is brilliant after 5 years on medication"

""sinusitis has completely cleared up, as has the arthritis in my knee " much to the amazement of our doctor!"

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for freeing me from the tyranny of dieting. At last I am in control .I feel so much better"

"I am so pleased with the changes and feel fantastic. I am staggered by the change in myself""


"Wished I met Diane Heard years ago, she has done so much good and I feel great"

"A big thank you for helping me lose just over a stone in weight, in just 6 weeks and an even bigger thank you for helping me keep the weight off, even after my holiday. My visits to you were well worth the money"

"My new way of eating now is excellent, I do not crave or want the foods I used to eat as I feel so good. The bloated stomach and cramps has now ceased, I feel so good and have more energy"

"My sleep patterns are much better " no headaches for 8 weeks and no need to take any tablets. My family has noted a change for the better in me"

"Since being to see Diane I feel great, have lost weight, my skin is clear and general well being is fantastic"

"...I no longer feel "icky" at various times in the day, and the most exciting thing of all for me is that my skin is absolutely fantastic!! I have been able to stop taking the Acne antibiotic prescribed by my GP and am so pleased to have done that"

" I am really over the moon with the changes you suggested. I feel like a different person and I feel this change will be for life"

"As I mentioned when I spoke to you it has made a fantastic difference, as the hot flushes have stopped. I am at last able to get continuous sleep in the nights, bliss!!!"

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