When choosing a nutritional supplement it is important that is readily absorbed and in a form that the body can use effectively. This is why over the last 15 years I have always recommended Bio Care supplements to my clients and have seen excellent results. Bio Care use only the highest quality raw ingredients and use innovative processes based on credible and extensive research.

Receive a 10% Discount on all Bio Care Supplements

Order through Bio Care and quote the number 184, or give my name if I am your practitioner, and you will receive a 10% discount off your order. It is an excellent service and if you order in the morning your supplements will be delivered to your door next day.

The Bio Care ordering number is 0121 433 3727 and website

From time to time on my blog I will be giving you useful facts and information on supplements and how to improve nutrient absorption.

*Proper use of supplements should always be adhered to and if you take medication, or undergoing medical treatment, or supervision your medical advisor should be consulted.